Rule of Law, Part 2

While I work to help stabilize Afghanistan, I come across many astonishing stories. Most of the time these stories evaporate into fables and nothing. However, this recent Rule of Law encounter has been captured. Follow the link to see the story.

You won’t see, or hear me in the story…but that’s the point. I’m not the story. It’s the story of Afghans settling decades old problems. Turns out the old 25 year fight was actually a 51 year feud that was totally resolved just this week. The growth of the people and their willingness to unite is impossibly rare and wonderful. Enjoy the story.

5 thoughts on “Rule of Law, Part 2

  1. That’s good stuff, Pete. I hope you don’t have to bust out your whip to keep the peace. 😉 Glad to hear you’re still alive and kickin’.

  2. I think it is great that this dispute is now over and that they did it on their own but I will never be ok with Sharia law. That S#*%’s scary.

  3. No lets just see them approach their problems like this more often and sooner in the dispute. Would like to see it happen, yes. Likely that it will, no.

    • Super Pete, I love it. It’ all about the ubiquitous purple stamp replete with finger prints….wait 30 more years and watch the locals then argue over what the fingerprints mean’t. Good times. Went to Kandahar, met a guy who had to pay 60K US to the Qazi to transfer the deed(sell) his land…The formal approach is a disaster. Let the locals work it out in mud huts amigo.

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