About My Blog Thinger

Some notes about my blog:  1. It’s my blog, and I’m going to write about what I want to write about. 2. The comments are yours…disagree, rant whatever…just don’t be vile, scurrilous, or mean.  3.  Most of the time, I’ll write about war and such, but on occasions, I am going to do other things.  4.  Yes, I’m funny.  No, my jokes don’t always work or avoid offense.  Sorry, get over it… 5. I’m going to use proper punctuation when it suits me, but MY Blog is written to reflect a more conversational tone so “…” is legit…and if I put a comma there, I mean for you to pause.  6. Please, please spread the word about the blog.  Send me feedback.  I am writing it for you lovely readers to enjoy.  Talk to me.  7. Enough rules let’s do this…WWLJD or hell WWTWD

BTW, I’m a Dad, I’m fun.  I’ve been a Capt Morgan model, I tell stories, I’ve lived in a bunch of places.  I’ve seen and done many things and I’m hoping I can cobble my life and experiences into something you all enjoy.  My plan is to write about once a week.  If all goes well, Friday will be the day I post the latest.  



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