Veteran’s Day

Today is Veteran’s Day. I’m headed home on R&R. I’m not sure I’ll be able to dedicate the amount of time the blog requires.
If I get a chance to, I’ll write a “proper” blog…but just in case; here’s a poem about Veterans day.

From Ali Al’Salem in Kuwait…

An Ode of Thanks

It’s Veterans day
give a big cheer
slap ’em on the back
buy ’em a beer

Thank ’em for the work
and all the sacrafice
Thank ’em more than once
do it more than twice

Because they volunteered
there is no draft
more than keeping us safe
they also keep you aft.

They ignore the bullets
endure the bombs
suffer the heat
think of their moms

for it’s not just I
that bears the weight
family suffers too
please contemplate

I’m not home to do dishes
I miss all the shows
I can’t mediate
when the kids come to blows

Back at home smiling
living well and free
you’ve not forgotten
yellow ribbon round a tree

But what to do
to let Us know YOU care
don’t worry about me
recognize my family’s share

Thanks to the spouses
our kids give too
their sacrafice isn’t volunteered
It’s just part of what we do

So turn to Mom
hug the kids and say
thanks to you TOO
on Veteran’s day

3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day

  1. Happy Vets Day Bro!

    Thanks for all the hard work and sacrifices you’ve made!

    I’m proud of you.


  2. A perspective that most don’t recall as being important. My family will thank me for volunteering my time and in return, I thank them for supporting me as a family.

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