Beers with Barack

I thought I’d write an advice blog to our President.

Barack, G.W. Bush writes about the negative things said about him in his book “Decision Points.” He notes how it’s basically impossible to get a quality guy to run anymore because of the evil things people say about the man in office. The grind of the decisions, the constant criticism…Oh and solve the world’s problems while we yell at you “hurry up!”

Does you really want to do this again?

2nd terms have not been wonderful. Bush’s legacy wasn’t helped by a second term? His “mandate” disappeared and he couldn’t fix social security. Meanwhile, his ratings plummeted.

Clinton was essentially shut down 18mos into his second term. Reagan started napping and Iran-Contra tarnished him. Nixon? gosh? Who’d want that legacy?

Johnson said he wouldn’t run for a 2nd term (in his own right) and his party kicked him in the ass and said, “Great thanks!” Quite the send off…

Though Truman has a better reputation…he wasn’t considered a good president until well after he left office.

Eisenhower? There’s the standard…he had the best 2nd term.

The point is, the things the Presidents do, they do early SOMETIMES. This makes sense. They have all the energy, they have their pick of their party’s best and brightest. By year 5 the magic is gone. There is no honeymoon, and DC holds grudges. It becomes impossible to do anything. This isn’t roll up your sleeves and get to work type stuff…this is stranded in the ocean wondering where the fuck your friends went type fucked…

The more you do, the more others sell their products by destroying you. It’s like you and Bush fueled the hate every time you did anything. I don’t want that for anyone. Think about the staff?

These guys serve under you. They don’t get the titles and speaking gigs. The best and brightest leave and do other things beside get hammered by the media. When you’ve got to pick the 3rd or 4th guy for a job, you don’t get your “man” but someone else ‘s guy.

Look, Barack, do what you want to do, but don’t just run. History doesn’t favor 2nd terms. You’re a smart guy, maybe you can do what those guys couldn’t, but be honest…that’s a mighty big challenge…and your challenge shouldn’t be fighting the system, it needs to be leading.

There isn’t going to be another super majority favoring your platform. There’s a decent chance Democrats lose both houses. Every initiative is going to be a fight and that means concessions…that’s just not your style.

The economy isn’t getting better. Shoot even your peers in the party aren’t happy with the results…Matt Damon is disappointed…this isn’t good.

Why do it? Why subject your family to the hate? Have you looked in the mirror and seen how four years hangs on you? Go raise those girls…give them a Dad full time.

Don’t quit….You’re adored by a huge hunk of America. You don’t need a congress to get things done. You can make a fantastic living/impact being Mr. President outside of the White House. Get all Obi Wan on ’em and become more powerful than ever.

Bill Clinton is your model here. He NEVER misses, he’s taken a failed 2nd term and turned it around…it took him about 12 years to get there, but he’s done it…now pass me a Coors Light

17 thoughts on “Beers with Barack

  1. Well said Capt Queso… our modern society seems to thrive on failures, and brush successes under the table. If Barack wasn’t the incumbent I seriously doubt his record would get him into the primaries (say his “accomplishments” as President were instead done as a Senator). Now that Obamacare has failed, he is going to have a tough time on the campaign trail. Was Obamacare sabotaged or did it implode? I’m not going to make that call, but you can bet that it’s going to be heavily sold by both sides as one or the other in the next 12 months.

    Man, I really hate election years. They get little enough done when they’re NOT campaigning for their lives…

    • Obamacare has effected all of the people at my work and I would think that many other people that have healthcare via their work are experiencing the same thing that we are. Increasing employee and employer healthcare costs so that it can start to confirm with the upcoming change. Yes, I agree that it is good that the twenty somethings, espcially the ones that are struggling in finding a job after getting out of college, trying to make something of their lives are able to benifit from these changes is a postive, but I don’t agree with the governments healthcare system should effect the already established systems. It should only be effecting the ones that can’t get or don’t have health coverage. Leave the rest of us alone.

  2. If I didn’t know you, I would say it would sound advice. But, knowing you as I do, I see it as a plea not to run, almost begging him for the good of history, his family, and his legacy. I won’t say it is a cheap shot, but “Go and raise those girls full time”, was a bit low. Why not say that to career baseball players or consultants. Don’t you have a kids that are half a world away?

    The Presidential Offices is driven largely be change and not by history. It is like comparing Reagan to Lincoln, just not a lot of common ground. That being said, I don’t disagree with what you wrote, but Obama would be doing a disservice to his party and his supporters by not running. Looking at the field of Republican candidates, it is hard not to say he wouldn’t be doing a service to the Republican supporters either.

    The Presidency is not something you plan for, but rather something you seize in the moment. That being said, you don’t pick your problems. In his case, he has more problems than any president since Truman and it might be worse.

    Well written and of course very political.

    • I think I achieved an apolitical piece. Your note about siezing the moment…my point is, the moment historically speaking has passed.

  3. You ask a good question, Pete…who WAS the last President to have a good second term?
    Dubya: Financial crisis.
    Clinton: Impeachment.
    Reagan: Iran-Contra and senility concerns.
    Nixon: Resignation.
    Johnson: Vietnam.
    Eisenhower: Sherman Adams scandal + ’58 recession.
    Truman: Korean War + McCarthyism.
    FDR: Court-packing + ’37 recession.
    Wilson: League of Nations failure + stroke.
    TR: Panic of 1907.
    Cleveland: Panic of 1893.
    Grant: Panic of 1873 + a raft of government scandals.
    Lincoln: Assassination.

    I guess the answer to your question is Andrew Jackson, who left office right before the Panic of 1837 sunk his successor, Martin Van Buren. And TR didn’t have a *terrible* second term.

  4. I don’t think that Obama has had all that great of a first term, let alone a positive outlook for a second. I believe that the only reason that Obama is our current president is because what he is, rather than what he’s done, knows or is capable of. I’m affraid that he will be elected for a second term for the same reasons that he was elected for a first, along with the repubilcan party not putting anyone up that will be an effective component, because it’s the norm for the people to reelect, as no one like change. I honestly feel that 60% of the people, if voting, vote without any knowledge of whom they are actually voting for and what they can do.

  5. Class act portion of HC bill now proclaimed unsustainable. From what I gather, this accounts for some 50% of the “””savings””” the bill represented. The HC bill as a “hole” is revenue front loaded, sucking up any other “”””budget reductions””””. But throw in some creative Keynesian math and whalah! You can pretend it works. So this is BO’s key legislation… wow. I’ll say what the cheese couldnt’…… BO, you stink.

  6. ObamaCare is unconstitutional, period, end of story.

    I HOPE that Obama is defeated and he can keep the CHANGE!

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