Class Warfare and Kooks

Sorry, I was trying to avoid the temptation to blog about political stuff.  However, the class warfare crap is in my ribs, so I’m going to blog it out…

Senate candidate and TARP watchdog Elizabeth Warren made a statement.  Someone out there has stoked let’s hate millionares machine. I hate, hate… 

Ms. Warren’s comments? nonsense.  Sure it’s easy to agree with her, but honestly, she’s wrong.

We have a scale that increases taxes based upon earnings.  Yes, I understand it’s not as simple as all that…Yes, yes…Mr. Buffet…dude, write the check and shut it.

Anyhow, the 99% aren’t satisfied with what the rich keep.  Wow, I’m floored…let me get this straight…the rich are going to be the end of us…funny, the “people” have been yelling that for how long now?  Oh, but now it’s really, really true…cue, Jesus and the Raptures.

Forget that the rich create jobs, that those jobs in turn create other jobs and industries…let’s forget that…forget that those other jobs and industries create other tax revenue streams. Put all of that on hold, we can discuss that another time…Let’s totally remove ideology and politics…

Let’s focus our attention on what Ms. Warren isn’t discussing.  Congress.  Nobody, is more culpable for our current world wide financial situtation than Congress…not Bush, not Obama, not any of the usual sacks we beat on…it’s Congress.  They say haven’t said “no” to the President, they can impeach but don’t.  Congress, NOT the President authorizes troop funds and war machine expendetures.  I can go on, but I think you get this….

Let’s play fantasyland and say it works…we get them rich money hording sons-a-bitches.  We all chant, “YES, we can!”  Keep in mind we’re all chanting cuz our rich bosses laid us off, but still we chant.

What is going to change in congress?  Won’t they just spend more money?  These folks write the laws and the checks.  Does ANYONE believe they’ll not waste the money?

The AP ran this story today.

As a tax payer doesn’t that just aggrevate the piss out of you?  President Pete can solve  LOTS of problems with $600mil.  All of the stimulus packages of the past few years?  The wasted money….what’s going to stop congress from taking the millionare’s money and blowing it whatever?

So….the federal government wants more money…welcome to the club feds…we all do.  Get your house in order before you come knocking on any citizen’s door.  I don’t care if you make $20,000 a year or $200mil; congress can’t control themselves. 

Let’s be honest…the federal government sucks at lots of stuff.  Anyone surprised that USPS is bankrupt?  Who thinks Dept of Ed is a bargain?  For some reason we are still spending money in Libya?  I love defense and I can admit we don’t need 100+ invisible bomber jets at 2.2 billion a piece. 

How many millions did we waste not convicting Barry Bonds of anything other than being an asshole?  Hell, give me 1 million, I’ll tell you he lied and the tax payers can have the rest back. 

Sorry for the rant, I’m still going to post a more war based blog later today, please enjoy…comment whatever. 

Ms Warren, stump on controlling spending and holding the government accountable…your history suggests that’s your strength.  Pay that forward…

10 thoughts on “Class Warfare and Kooks

  1. Thank you for posting a “not dumb” response to that stupid Warren post everyone is regurgitating on facebook like idiots. Thank you, Thank you. I might have to repost your blog on facebook just for them.

  2. I agree with you on this Pete. My view is that government needs to be reduced dramatically, get their/our house in order, and stop taxing people to death. Elizabeth Warren is a marxist. These people are a cancer to our society and are destroying the free market system and everything that this country stands for. To quote a comment given on a article I read on about her and this class warfare – “She and so many others have been so indonctrinated by their own ideology, pride, and false sense of achievment that they cannot see the truth anymore. They are incapable of discerning evil especially when it proceeds forth from their own mouths.”
    BTW great blog, I definitely plan on following it. Keep safe!

  3. Pistol Pete, your dander is up I see…now whether you are right or wrong makes no difference to me except your blog has given cause for most of us to think a bit more about the issues…to ferret out the course we must take to succeed…NOW that is important to me…to make people think…

  4. I guess when it comes down to the long term health of our nation, I am not sure why anything wouldn’t be considered, taxes, budget cuts, changing the tax code. Anyone who thinks these things are a bad idea is probably working for someone else.
    I read the piece by Warren and really nothing she says there is anti-capitalist or what some ridiculous person categorized as marxist. Some people just run around trying to find conflict in anything. She wants to build road and bridges because they improve commerce. Henry Ford famously said, “I started out with practically nothing, but that isn’t correct. We all start with all there is, it’s how we use it that makes things possible.”
    This is going to be the campaign of no good candidates. We have a guy that believes in creationism and succession and isn’t above taking a bribe, a woman who seems to have discovered the cause of autism by speaking to one person, a greedy flip flopper, a 75 year old nut ball, and 4 more years of the same thing.

  5. It’s like I’ve said before… Sitting in a classroom of 30 students. You work your ass off to earn that A. Put in hours of studying. Weekend activities missed so that paper could be perfect. Stayed focused and on task Woefully, the student next to you has fallen hardship, a single mother perhaps or just ill. She has a hard time making it to class. Her work isn’t up to snuff. Her grade suffers. The teacher takes part of your A and gives it to the hardship student so that she can have a passing C. That’s a feel good thing to do but now that A that you worked so hard for is suddenly a C. Hardly seems fair. Why would we try so hard to get that A. Let someone else do the work and just give me some of theirs. Oh wait…now nobody is trying cuz they caught on…

    And as for Congress, those people in DC that are supposed to represent me? They don’t. They are so far removed from middle class America that they can’t possibly think in a way that is beneficial to the average American.

  6. For the sake of clarity…this blog was NOT about Buffet’s tax plan. It’s about Ms. Warren’s statements…which are divisive…and her attempt to make our current financial situation about the rich vs everyone else…it’s cheap…it’s pandering.
    Take out the politics…no left, no right…
    Her position is wrong (for a number of reasons).
    Congress cannot stop writing checks…this is the point of the blog. When congress can solve it’s own waste issues, then we can look at who’s paying their share. Until that time, congress needs to keep it’s paws off of everyone’s money. Plug the leaks…then come back to the public and say…OK we’re not wasting billions anymore…can we have some more money to make the machine work better…Mr. Buffet is still welcome to write his check at anytime…

  7. I tried my mostest to agree with her but no success. ‘You move your products on road that the rest of us paid for, You blah blah blah, with blah blah blah that the rest of us paid for. There’s only one problem there Ms Sassy Britches… The “YOU” (the factory owner) also paid for that stuff… and once more again, they pay a much larger portion of the bill both in total amount and in percentage…. that’s what fully functional upright homo-sapiens would call a fact. Warren could have inserted that little fact but she didn’t. It’s one thing to say the rich should pay more, it’s another to rant – “… that the rest of us paid for” as if the factory owner made no contribution. And with a progressive slight of hand that IS what she’s saying. Buffet & BO – both these guys are talking about the rich paying @ a lower rate… Wow! As pointed out earlier that’s capital gains tax. But they dont say that, do they? EVER… so that pretty much makes it intentional (I think Buffet slipped once but just the daily gaffe). The “Great Unifier” and his minnions seem to be causing a lot of riffs… this racial/religious tollerance thing is really coming along too. I don’t remember the exact #’s so you can call me out (then I’d have to dig it up), but – never in history has wealth changed hands more often than in the present day United States. It goes something like this – of the top .1% (that’s 1/10 of 1) of the wealthiest families, 40% of said families are no longer in the top .1% within one (20 yrs) generation. Now aint that America?

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